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How it Works

When you start to hear unusual noises from your AC or come to find that the air is not cold anymore or need to replace the old AC with a new one, that’s when you need to go for AC Installation, Repair and Maintenance. And, getting it from our professional ensures that no matter what the problem is solved. Apart from that, you’ll have other advantages in your favour.

  • Once you’ve booked the service, our professionals will arrive on the given date and time. After inspecting, they will start with the service. Once they are done, you will see a difference and be content with their work.  

  • Having a problematic AC can be troublesome. But, our professionals are skilled and have technical knowledge in the field to inspect and fix issues in the AC. Be it bad wiring, damaged compressor, messy air ducts & air filters,  broken refrigerants, they can fix all of it without any further hassle. 

  • Your partake in this service will be none as you can simply sit back and relax while our professionals continue to repair your AC. You can do your daily chores meanwhile. Once the service is done, you will be informed. 

  • Getting an AC Installation, Repair and Maintenance service ensures that your AC works smoothly. The overuse of AC often puts pressure on the compressor. As a result, failure in compressor working will stop cold air from producing. Repairing underlying issues in AC can solve the problem. 

Types of AC Repairing Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Repairing AC has many advantages that will be useful in the long run. That being said, get the service from Atdoorstep, one of the most demanded service providers in Abu Dhabi. Following is the list of AC Installation, Repair and Maintenance services we offer!

Air Filter Checking

Air filters are often the most important part of an AC. They are placed in the AC so that only air excluding dirt and dust goes inside. So, dust easily gets trapped and accumulated in the filters. As a result, ice formation reduces. Our professionals are skilled and have the right equipment to clean the filters including fins. They make sure that the airflow is consistent and the filters are clean.  

Drain Line Checking

The refrigerant inside the AC unit is responsible for forming ice. Often, if there is a leak somewhere inside, the water can start to drip outside from the corners of the unit. This can be terribly fatal if there are electrical appliances nearby. Our professionals check for any leakage of water from the drain pipe. Alongside this, they also clean the drain lines to prevent abrasion. 

Gas Refill

Is your AC not being able to produce cold air? One of the major reasons why that happens is when the AC is running out of gas. This can directly put pressure on the compressor. Our experts carry useful equipment to fill gas in the unit whenever required. 

Unit Replacement

There are many ways for a component to get damaged. Our professionals carefully inspect each and every component of the AC. They dig deeper and find out if there is an issue within the unit. Be it, thermostats, compressor, fan blades, condenser, refrigerants, or air ducts. If any of those are damaged and no fails to operate, then our professionals will replace them with new ones. 

Coolant Check

Often, if the coolant level is reduced, then the air becomes hot. Our experts check the coolant level to see if it suffices the average level. If not, they do the necessary operations to raise the level of coolant. 

Types of AC that we can Install, Repair and offer Maintenance

Following are the types of AC for which you can seek immediate assistance from our proficient technicians:


Split Air Conditioners are the kind of AC units where the compressor remains out of the AC individually. That being said, the main body of the AC, is much lighter and can be operated with a remote facility. Be it a wall-mounted, ceiling cassette-mounted, or floor-mounted Split AC, our experts will help you with the AC installation.

Windows AC

Windows AC units are the most common types of units. It is capable of cooling single rooms individually. Also, the components of the AC are all close to each other in a single body which makes it comparatively heavier than Split AC. But, our professionals are well-trained in installing Windows AC. So if you have, consider it installed or repaired without any hassle. 

Central AC

Centralized Air Conditioners are well-known units for office premises. The single unit is located on the roof which contains the evaporator, compressor and Condenser altogether. From the main source, the air equally distributes through air ducts. Installing or repairing a Central AC can sound difficult, but it isn’t for our professionals. They have the right knowledge and skill to do it. 

Commercial AC

Compared to the other type of units, commercial AC units need more of a drainage system instead of a condenser pan. Also, multiple thermostats are required to maintain a balance amongst the temperature of all regions it includes. Our experts have practical experience in setting up and maintaining the proper function of the AC.

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