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How it Works

We are one of the most top-leading disinfection services providers who work against the growth of bacteria, molds, bacteria, and viruses. Atdoorstep.ae has formulated a team of experts to reduce the level of infections in hospitals, offices, residences, and other commercial places. If you want to stay safe and avoid the risks of Covid-19, we can be your ultimate partner. 

  • The regular cleaning products don't help to eradicate the spread of deadly viruses. Only disinfectant cleaners can put an end to the germs, bacteria, and molds that can cause severe diseases.

  • Moreover, starting from making a strategic plan to disinfect the surroundings, we can be your ultimate assistance. Additionally, our disinfectant cleaners team start with cleaning. Then, they proceed with disinfecting the surfaces and lastly the professional will deodorize the area to make it odour-free

  • Additionally, all the devoted professionals of atdoorstep.ae use advanced technology, equipment, and products to clean the surfaces. Germs can spread through dirty ceiling cloths or sponges. 

  • All our used products and tools are designed to kill the germs, viruses from the hard, porous, and soft surfaces of your resident or commercial places. And by doing this we assure all our customers can prevent the cross-contamination. 

Incomparable Disinfection Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Even in Dubai, the number of infected people with Novel Coronavirus is increasing day by day. So, it is high time to keep the environment germs, bacteria, and virus free. We know prevention is always better than cure. 

Home and Residence

During this pandemic situation, since most of you are home-quarantined and the houses are utterly closed, the contaminated indoor air-circulation can deteriorate your health even more. As this deadly virus can even spread through the air, so it is necessary to disinfect the home surroundings to keep such worries aside. You can always count on us to make your home free from germs, bacteria, and from the spread of deadly viruses, as we disinfect each and every corner of the house.

Office and Commercial Place

Disinfection is the procedure to eradicate the pathogens and other microbes from the environmental surfaces and inanimate objects. The team of professionals associated with atdoorstep.ae guarantee to accomplish the entire procedure using non-hazardous and effective chemicals. Additionally, our disinfection services Dubai make sure to disrupt the transmission of deadly viruses like Covid-19 from your work environment. We ensure the well-being of your employees and other associate staff members. 

Medical and Healthcare

During this outbreak, most of the people are heading towards the medical and healthcare centres for a clear checkup. Owing to the gathering of numerous people, the virus can even spread eventually. Additionally, there is a high chance of risk of getting infected from the virtues, germs, and other harmful bacteria from the medical centres as people who visit such places already carry infections with them. Our efficient disinfectant cleaners ensure the elimination of dangerous germs and other pathogens in an effective and secure way.

Gym and Fitness Centres

As it is now declared that the outbreak of novel coronavirus can start from equipment and most-touched surfaces, so it is important to avail disinfection services in places like gyms and fitness centres. More precisely, in the metal surfaces, the germs and other harmful viruses remain even for a longer period. We eliminate all the chances of infections with the help of our effective disinfection services. 

Hotels and Lodging Properties

Places like hotels and lodging properties can become the breeding ground of the harmful germs, microbes, and other pathogens. And as a result, the infections will spread even more because a large number of people come to stay in hotels and lodging properties. There is always a high risk involved in such places, as the Covid-19 is mostly transmitted from one’s cough or sneezes. Additionally, germs can lurk anywhere in the rooms of the hotels and lodging properties. So, it is highly required to clean the mostly-touched areas like doorknobs, lights, phones, remotes, bed sheets, bathroom fixtures, and other essential time with the assistance of atdoorstep.ae. 

Schools and Educational Centres

Every day many students move in and out in the school classrooms and educational centres. This makes the school and centre’s environment prone to the spread of deadly viruses, germs, and other harmful bacterias. And, from the frequently touched areas, the disease can spread even more rapidly from one kid to the other. Atdoorstpe.ae makes sure every corner of the educational institutions is disinfected. Our team of highly-experienced and proficient experts uses only advanced equipment and products to make the environment free from germs, bacterias, and viruses. 

Shopping Malls

The recent coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the importance of disinfecting the surroundings and particularly the most visited places like Shopping malls. Keeping the public gathering areas sanitized and disinfected is the top-most priority for Atdoostep.ae service providers right now. All our proficient team of experts uses only advanced and proven equipment that will prevent the spread of virus, germs, and bacterias. Our team of specialized disinfectant services makes sure the surfaces like floors, ceiling, elevators, and very small to large shops are cleaned and free from microbes.