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The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, is known for its vibrant islands and record-breaking theme parks. Now, you can influence your interior style with the colour of Abu Dhabi while residing in the city. Choose Atdoorstep’s magnificent room painting services in Abu Dhabi to transform your existing layout and design.

Year-round sunshine is a blissful reason to love this multicultural city. On the other hand, exposure to too much sun can make your walls fade their colours. Hence, you might have to consider repainting your rooms to refresh the feel.

Since colours can impact our moods and emotions hence, you should trust an expert’s instinct to decide the next colour palette for your room. Let our professional painting contractors help you with selecting the right colour scheme, priming those surfaces, and applying paint seamlessly on your walls.

Be it a single room of any size or your entire property – Atdoorstep guarantees service charges that are easy on your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our painting services and scopes on the Atdoorstep app and book the right offer for you.

Reasons You Need a Professional for Room Painting Services in Abu Dhabi

A makeover always starts with a painting service. Whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or your kid’s room, a smooth and flawless painting service can transform a boring space into a magical masterpiece. 

Now, you might be thinking of a DIY painting project to give a room the renovation it deserves. Honestly speaking, a DIY approach saves you some money but you may not be satisfied with the outcome. For example, walls may appear unevenly painted and blemished. 

Avoid such rookie mistakes by choosing Atdoorstep and its versatile room painting services in Abu Dhabi. Apart from a professional finish, you can make sure that you benefit from the following attributes arising from expert intervention:


Painting your walls doesn’t mean only dipping paintbrushes and rollers into a splash of paint and waving them on your surfaces. Before you start painting a wall, you need to prepare the surface in the following steps:

  • Scraping off previous paint flakes
  • Filling up holes, cracks, and gaps on walls
  • Sanding the walls
  • Priming surfaces

Now, all these things take a lot of time as you can assume. However, you can hand over the room painting services in Abu Dhabi to professionals. They know how to take care of your walls efficiently. Meanwhile, you can relax or engage in a hobby that you actually enjoy.

Equipment on the House

Painting a room needs more than a paintbrush. For instance, you have to purchase caulk, patching tools, safety gear, etc. to start a painting journey. On the other hand, some particular paint jobs require spraying tools and painting applicators too.

Not to mention, it’s infuriating to purchase all these painting essentials for a one-time painting task. Alternatively, you can trust professional contractors in Abu Dhabi to get a classy and rich finish on your walls. 

Indeed, professionals will bring their gear to the site so you don’t have to pay for them separately. Hence, you can save money and ensure a professional-looking paint job by hiring experienced and skilled painters.

Attention to Detail

Painting contractors make a living out of painting. They know how to tackle a specific paint job and apply the proven techniques to derive an improved outcome. Additionally, they are recognised for their attention to detail.

You may overlook a minor thing while painting and that may result in an unexpected finish. With painting experts on the house, you can be sure that nothing will be spared from them. They will notice the smallest thing and work on it to deliver you high-quality results.

Magnificent Output

You can see a huge difference between a professional painter’s job and your job if you compare them side by side. Of course, pro contractors will derive a much better painting result because of their expertise, knowledge, tools, and techniques.

In fact, your walls will appear more elegant when a painting perfectionist prepares the surface. Additionally, the outcome is bound to last longer. Moreover, pros can help you decide the right colour palette based on the climate, your choices, your home’s layout, and much more.

Hence, you will receive a high-end result because of the top-to-bottom approach from a professional painter.

Licensed and Insured

Hiring certified painters indicate that they have a valid license to do their job. On the other hand, the presence of insurance will be beneficial for you and the expert too. Problems or accidents may take place when the painter is at your service.

The painting contractor will cover any damage to your property. Indeed, the cost of repair won’t be added to the bill for the room painting services Abu Dhabi near me. However, not every contractor offers such licensure. So, check out the terms and conditions of the insurance before proceeding with the service provider.

We Offer Premium Room Painting Services Abu Dhabi

A fresh coat of paint is more significant than just giving a fresh vibe to your space. Repainting your rooms can protect your room from dirt, peeling, faded effects, and cracks. Moreover, you will get rid of scuffs, fingerprints, and grime with a repaint service.

Undeniably, repainting your room or home can increase your home’s value in the real estate market for reselling. So, consider room painting services in Abu Dhabi if you notice seams on your walls, your walls are fading, or reselling your home is on your mind.

Atdoorstep is your go-to mobile application if you want to book a quick and efficient painting service. Be it for your bedroom, dining hall, or even the basement, our experts are on their way to fulfilling your wish. Now, enjoy specific room painting services Abu Dhabi near me with the following specialities:

Bedroom Painting Services

Your bedroom demands a serene atmosphere to keep you calm and relaxed. Since colours can influence your emotions, you can choose soothing hues for your bedroom. With Atdoorstep’s room painting services Abu Dhabi near me, you can heighten a specific corner of the bedroom.

Otherwise, you can style your entire bedroom with various shades and themes proposed by our painting professionals. They will take care of every detail of your bedroom to devise the best painting job for you.

Backed up by high-quality paints and tools, our painting contractors apply proven methods to exceed your expectations. Make your bedroom look amazing with a service request through our Atdoorstep app.

Kitchen Painting Services

Updating your kitchen has never been easier before. Be it your apartment or villa, now you can turn your outdated kitchen into a contemporary or streamlined space with our dazzling painting services.

Our painting contractors have specialised tailored painting services to meet and exceed your needs, regardless of the size of your kitchen. Additionally, our painters won’t only paint the walls and ceilings of your kitchen but also take care of the floors and cabinets.

So, give your kitchen a complete transformation with our dedicated and extensive kitchen painting services. Choose Atdoorstep and its painting partners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Dining Room Painting

Choosing a specific style and colour palette from countless options for your dining hall can be challenging. Fortunately, Atdoorstep’s painting contractors are here to guide you and help you choose the best option suited to your preferences and style.

Your dining hall is the place where you celebrate special occasions with your loved ones. Make it vibrant with the right colours, textures, patterns, and contrasts. Create a warm and aesthetically appealing ambience to cherish special moments like birthdays, holidays, and more.

Ensure the best quality painting results from our painting specialists on the board. They are committed to delivering outstanding results that will last for years. So, trust our room painting services in Abu Dhabi and experience the real difference.

Nursery Painting Services

Do you crave a playful and gorgeous nursery for your baby? Then, you are at the right place. Our painters are experts in customising murals to turn your nursery into a wonderland with their skills and experience.

Add your baby’s favourite characters to the nursery’s walls or incorporate a nature scene by hiring our certified room painters. They will focus on and design cool and unique spaces for your kids. Whether you opt for bold blues or bright pink, let our professionals help you pick the right shade.

In addition, they will personalise the vibe by adding geometric shapes with stencils and paint. Whatever is on your mind regarding your nursery style and makeover, share them with us. Download our Atdoorstep app today and make a special nursery as wonderful as your little fellow.

Living Space Painting Services Abu Dhabi

Your living room is the welcoming hub for your guests. Hence, it deserves a limelight and you can make the room a centre of attraction by painting it according to the tone of the existing furniture. No doubt, the entire process requires crucial attention to detail.

Let our experienced and qualified painting contractors handle it and maintain the flow of your living space needs. Choose from a wide range of colours, finishes, and contrasts proposed by our painting experts. Reflect your living room style by picking up cosy or vibrant hues and refresh the overall look.

Our project supervisor will be always there to answer all your queries and update you about the progress from time to time. Make your living space’s style aligned with your personality by trusting our process. 

Bathroom Painting Services Abu Dhabi

Don’t forget the importance of your bathroom and its aesthetics. Elevate your bathroom’s look by picking Atdoorstep and its marvellous painting services in Abu Dhabi. Your bathroom is one of the most comforting spaces around your home.

Hence, the bathroom must look good and feel divine. Give your bathroom a clean and calm makeover with our bathroom-specialised painting services. On a related note, your bathroom’s walls are typically prone to damage due to moisture retention, mould, and mildew. 

So, our experts always suggest the best quality paint to protect your bathroom surfaces from potential damage. Moreover, your bathroom walls will retain the paint for many years after you consider our services. Get in touch with our professional painting gurus today and schedule a colour consultation as soon as possible.

Apart from that, enjoy our superior room painting services for the following spaces of your villa or apartment in Abu Dhabi:

  • Basement
  • Gym equipment room
  • Doors and windows
  • Foyer
  • Hallways
  • Home office and more