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How it Works

Getting professional carpet cleaning Dubai services comes with its own additional perks and benefits. Carpets are made of different kinds of fabric and each fabric needs to be treated separately. Starting from Persian carpets, sisal carpets to silk and woollen, we are specifically experts for all these niches.

  • Cleaning carpets and rugs can be a difficult task. Dirt can form multiple layers and become hard to get rid of. This is why Atdoorstep provides skilled professionals to do the job properly. Our professionals are skilled and have been working in this domain for more than a decade, acquiring immense knowledge and expertise.

  • Our professionals use quality products to ensure that carpets are completely dirt and germ-free and smell fresh. These professionals are also well trained in using equipment to extract water and let it dry off quickly after cleaning. We use high-end quality products to get rid of stains and odour. 

  • We understand your concern about the safety of your kid and furry friend. Thus, we use eco-friendly products to clean the carpets. Certified and hospital products are used in the case of sanitization. No harsh chemicals are used to ensure that the fabrics retain their quality. Our professionals have complete knowledge on these aspects. 

  • Meanwhile the professional starts with cleaning the carpet, you can sit back and relax. The carpet cleaning procedure can be a lengthy one and requires precision. Professionals from atdoorstep can be well-focused in that way. 

  • Our service comes with the guarantee that your carpet will remain as new. We start with an onsite inspection and proceed with pre-cleaning like making space to accomplish the cleaning. Then vacuuming is done, spot treatment to remove stains and finally shampooing. We use advanced machines to ensure deep cleaning. 

  • We use a powerful suction machine, to remove water, debris and pet furs. Sanitizers are used to keep the carpets clean and hygienic as well. Finally, to ensure best results a complete inspection is done and extra attention is rendered on parts that are carpet encapsulation, carpet deodorizing. We thrive to provide a perfectly groomed carpet.


Carpets act as a beautiful decor. Because of its softness and warmth, carpets are used both at home and office. However, looking at the weather condition in Dubai and the prevalence of dust, carpets get dirty easily.

The carpets and rugs at your home easily trap the dust, debris and act as a breeding ground for germs. Even if you use a vacuum cleaner, it may fail to eliminate the problems. Thus, it is highly recommendable to rely on top-notched carpet cleaners from Atdoorstep, who not only help to clean the carpets but also maintain the air quality of your room. 

There may be shoe stains on your carpet, which is hard to remove through traditional means. Do not leave a chance of getting embarrassed in front of your guest, and seek premium service right away. Furthermore, having a pet leaves furs and hairs on the carpet, which is difficult to remove just by mopping. Thus, with our reliable carpet cleaning service, you get to maintain the fabric of the carpet.

About Us

We are one of the largest platforms in Dubai, providing reliable carpet cleaning Dubai services. Our prime goal is to help our customers with quality services. We house a team of professionals who are well-trained in carpet cleaning. 

A professional team like ours understands the fabric of the carpet, the right chemical that should be used and the use of the advanced procedure to eliminate dust and debris with utmost care. 

Our team has expertise in cleaning carpets with steam, shampoo, foam to dry cleaning them properly. With our assistance, you get to remove the embedded dirt and make the carpet potentially long-lasting.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered by atdoorstep

We offer a plethora of carpet cleaning services. Based on your requirement you get to choose the one that suits you the best. 

Carpet Shampooing Service

Carpets accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. If you have pets, the furs can also get accumulated on it. Even stains are hard to remove. Getting carpet shampooing service from our professionals would ensure that all the dust layers in all and hard stains are gone. We help to ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Carpet Sanitization Service

If you have pets at home, then there is a high possibility that fleas and ticks have found residence in your carpets and rug. Removing them can be a hard task. Especially harder, if you don’t have the knowledge of products. Our team of professionals uses pet-friendly products to sanitize and disinfect the carpets. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

As you know, dirt can form a layer and it can be quite a task to get rid of it. Some of them do stay back even after shampooing. Steam cleaning services are very effective for the carpet. Using hot water vapour, the layers of dust and dirt breakdown. Our professionals use quality steam equipment to clean the carpet. 

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Many people from Dubai rely on top-notched carpet cleaning services from the atdoorstep. For us, each and every customer is a responsibility. And, we make sure our customers can reach us out anytime. Our customer executives are always available for any queries or help. To get more information, go to the official website. 

To grab carpet cleaning services in Dubai, visit the website. From there, you can make an online booking of the services and the professional will reach right at your doorstep. Additionally, to make it easier, get the Android and iOS-based application to make a quick and easy booking.

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