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Installing an AC unit, be it for residential or commercial space, requires time, patience and methodology. Professional help at this point would be the best fit. Allow our experts to take over the job and do it easily. Besides, there are other advantages in your favour too. 

  • Once the professional arrives as per your given time and date, they will start with their service. You will be notified when they are done with the service. And, you will see a significant change and be content with the service. 

  • Our professionals undergo training for a reason. Besides, they have a handful of knowledge and are experts in the technical field. From inspecting the proper spot of installation to making sure the airflow is equally distributed from the ducts to the rooms, they can handle all of it. 

  • Your partake in this service is none other than relaxing. You can sit back and continue to do your daily chores while our experts continue to do their job. If you have any queries, feel free to interact with them as they are friendly and professional. 

  • Getting an AC installation service ensures that your AC is operating just the way it should. Improper installation may hamper the working units of the AC. As a result, it may either cease to work or show signs of issues in the longer run. Proper installation from our professionals deduces the problem.  

Types of AC Installation Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Be it a commercial space or a residential place, installation of an AC is not an easy job. Let our professionals do it for you. The following are the list of AC installation Dubai services we offer!

Centralized AC

Centralized AC is one of the most common types of AC that is preferably larger in size for larger spaces. It can circulate air throughout many rooms maintaining equal airflow distribution. Our professionals are skilled in installing a centralized AC that regulates properly. They plan accordingly, based on the size of the room and how much energy-efficient the entire setup is. Once the plan has been worked out, they start to install it quickly. 

Mini-Split AC

Another common type of AC is a mini-split AC. It usually has a compressor that is placed outdoors while the handling unit remains indoors. This type of AC is capable of cooling individual rooms depending on the number of units while having the same compressor for all. Our experts are well equipped with the procedure and thus they can carry it properly. 

Windows AC

Windows AC is usually one unit that is capable of cooling one room. It is placed on Windows so that warm air from the outside can is turned into cold air with the help of refrigerants and compressors. Our professionals know how to handle the entire task. From carrying and fitting it into the window, making a drain line to activating the unit, they have the skills to perform the task. 

Portable AC

Portable ACs are comparatively efficient as they produce cold air from the room’s air. The cycle of taking air from the room, converting, and transferring back into the room is faster. Our experts know the mechanism behind it. They know where a portable AC can be placed to work with maximum efficiency. 

Hybrid AC 

Hybrid AC is weather-oriented. It takes the hot air from the room and distributes them outside if the days are hot. Meanwhile, it does the opposite during winter days. Our professionals know the working behind hybrid AC and its heat pump mechanism. If you have one of these ACs consider them to be installed in the right place to get suitable temperature throughout the seasons. 


Owing to our top-notched service, we are known to be one of the most top-rated and the largest service markets to provide quality AC installation Dubai service. As per your requirements mentioned, we connect you to the most reliable technician who is capable of doing the service for you. 

We also look after your security. Hence, we house experts who are verified before they register themselves with us. Also, they’re very co-operative, certified and have an authorized licence to carry out the job. So, you can rely on them without any worry. Additionally, they look forward not to disappoint you. As of now, there are thousands of technicians and experts who are registered with us for the same purpose, and that is to deliver you the best service. 

That being said, these experts undergo a core training session to use their potential in achieving excellence. So, if you’re looking for an AC installation service, then would be a good place to start with. 

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We are sincerely concerned about your wellbeing, safety and preferences in services. Thus, we thrive to deliver you the best AC Installation Service. Our services are appreciated by thousands of people who demand more in the near future. So, if you are in search of precise work and quality service, then you’ll find it here with us. 

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