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How it Works

Air conditioning system needs to be handled very carefully for maintenance and repair. It is recommended that you should not try any hack when the system faces a breakdown. Get proper assistance from the professional technicians from Avail our efficient AC services and enjoy a plethora of potential benefits of timely AC service.

  • Allow our technicians to help you install the air conditioners. They would do the 14-point checks so that everything remains under control. Electrical appliances should be installed under the supervision of expert and experienced technicians. 

  • Regular AC maintenance service can enhance the lifetime of your air conditioners. Don’t purchase an air conditioner every year. Make your investment fruitful and maintain AC with our impeccable AC service. 

  • Clogged air filters, ducts, faulty thermal sensors, dirty condenser coils can interrupt the performance of your AC. Avail our AC service Dubai to maintain your AC and save energy cost. Additionally, you can save on repair and maintenance costs.

AC Service in Dubai Offered by Atdoorstep

Summers are unbearable in Dubai, especially when the mercury touches new milestones every year. Thus, full-fledged working ACs are inseparable from your lifestyle in Dubai. Consider our premium AC services for your home, retail shops, undertaking projects, hospitals, offices, corporate sectors in Dubai. Choose the appropriate AC service for your buildings.

AC Installations

Our technicians have expertise in handling AC installations. Through a proper 14-point check they would install your AC. Install the ducts and would examine the airflow, cooling assessment, thermostat check of your air conditioner. They maintain high standards while installing every equipment and make sure that the AC can serve you the best. Our service is warrantied for a longer period of time.

AC Maintenance

Can you smell a pungent odour from your AC? Don’t you experience enough airflow in a particular room? Are there any hotspots throughout the room? These signs are enough to indicate that your AC needs a maintenance service. Rely on our expert technicians to resolve every issue of your air conditioner. Additionally, if they find anything faulty they would replace it with a genuine spare part.

AC Repair

Did your AC stop suddenly? Can you smell something burnt from the duct? Switch off the aircon system. Book our emergency AC repair service as soon as you can. Our technical team would reach your place, shortly. Our technicians can help to prevent hazard and accidents due to short-circuits in the wirings of the AC components. Overcome any minor or major faults in your AC system with our AC repairing services in Dubai.

AC Cleaning

Clean air filters are essential for maintaining a healthy and maximized airflow. Clogged air filters and dirty condenser coils are not good for your AC system. Make sure that your AC remains clean so that you can avail a fresh, clean airflow in every room. A Clean AC consumes less power and hence you can save a great amount on electricity bills. 

Duct Cleaning

Only air filters, condenser coil cleaning are not enough for keeping your AC in good condition. The AC vents should be cleaned too. Sometimes, the birds can build a nest inside the AC vents and thus it might clog the duct. Our technicians clean the AC ducts to render a proper airflow through your air conditioners.

Types of AC That We Can Install, Repair or Offer Maintenance

Following are the types of AC for which you can seek immediate assistance from our proficient technicians:


Split Air Conditioners are the kind of AC units where the compressor remains out of the AC individually. That being said, the main body of the AC, is much lighter and can be operated with a remote facility. Be it a wall-mounted, ceiling cassette-mounted, or floor-mounted Split AC, our experts will help you with the AC installation.

Windows AC

Windows AC units are the most common types of units. It is capable of cooling single rooms individually. Also, the components of the AC are all close to each other in a single body which makes ith comparative heavier than Split AC. But, our professionals are well-trained in installing Windows AC. So if you have, consider it installed or repaired without any hassle. 

Central AC

Centralized Air Conditioners are well-known units for office premises. The single unit is located on the roof which contains the evaporator, compressor and Condenser all together. From the main source, the air equally distributes through air ducts. Installing or repairing a Central AC can sound difficult, but it isn’t for our professionals. They have the right knowledge and skill to do it. 

Commercial AC

Compared to the other type of units, commercial AC units need more of a drainage system instead of a condenser pan. Also, multiple thermostats are required to maintain a balance amongst the temperature of all regions it includes. Our experts have practical experience in setting up and maintaining the proper function of the AC.


Imagine, your air conditioning system fails suddenly. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, AC stops working, making weird noises and releasing odours are the primary signs that the AC needs professional intervention. Don’t try any DIY when it comes to fixing your faulty air conditioning. Rather you should call a professional AC service provider near you.

AC service Dubai from Atdoorstep houses a proficient team of technicians, especially for emergencies. If the AC is not functioning or you need to install a new AC, rely on our reliable AC services. 

Don’t bear the tremendous heat of Dubai. Keep your air conditioning healthy and functionally stable with our essential services for ACs, vents, and other equipment.

It is essential to maintain your AC components for its longevity. Whether it is your own home or your office or supermarkets, our proficient technicians would reach your place, anywhere in Dubai. 

All our AC technicians are equipped with sufficient knowledge and experience to serve AC service. Our top-notch AC services comprise everything according to your requirements. We are one of the recommended AC service providers in Dubai.

We are one of the top-rated AC service providers in Dubai. We have specialised in air conditioning system installation, repair and maintenance. Our professionals cover every residential and commercial air cooling service, troubleshooting, cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. Avail our yearly maintenance contract for the smooth performance of your commercial AC system throughout the year. Our technicians are there to assist small apartment, schools, industrial sites, shopping malls and hospitals. We are the right choice when it comes to accuracy and efficiency of your air conditioning services. If you are looking for an elegant AC service then we can be your ultimate guide.

Get in Touch with our Incomparable AC Service in Dubai

We take on emergency AC repairing and services as our top priority. We don’t want to take a chance with your safety and security. Hence our technicians would provide you with the best AC service to deal with any air conditioner issue.

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