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Getting locked out of your car can be an alarming situation when you need your car the most. Or, unable to start the car with ignition is stressful too. At times like this, professional help from Atdoorstep car switch Dubai would resolve the problem. Besides, you’ll have more advantages on your side.

  • Once you avail of our car switch service, we will assign a proficient professional to deliver top-notched assistance. As soon as the professional arrives, he will inspect the situation and take steps accordingly. Once the service is done, you’ll see a notable difference. 

  • From unlocking the door, cutting door or ignition keys, unlocking the trunk, replacing new keys, making a brand new one to repairing an old key, they can do it all. 

  • All you need to do is sit back and continue to do your work while the expert is doing theirs. Once the service is complete, they will inform you. Even during the service, you can interact with them for any queries since they’re communicative too. 

  • Getting a professional car switch service is a life-saving antidote. Our service ensures safety and security since our expert’s repair and provides genuine keys. Also, they carve keys in a very refined way which is only accessible by you. 

Types of Car Switch Service Offered by Atdoorstep

Being unable to open your car doors or starting the car can be a stressful moment. At times like this, choosing professional help is a wise choice. Let our experts take responsibility of car switch Dubai for you. 

Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is the most important switch of the car as, without it, a car won’t start. We offer an ignition switch service where our experts carefully inspect the key, the ignition insertion gap, and accordingly make a new key for you. They carry easy and modern tools to perfectly carve the keys. 

Trunk Switch

Are you unable to open the trunk of your car? Or, are you unable to lock your truck? Well, our car switch service includes a trunk switch as well. The trunk system of a car can become damaged due to faulty mechanisms. Our experts first inspect the trunk system and look out for any bar wiring or technical fault. Based on the results, they provide a solution where you can finally open and lock your trunk with one simple switch key. 

Car Door Switch

It can be a very problematic situation if you’ve locked yourself out of your car when you’re in a hurry to be somewhere. There is no need to worry since this situation is critical. Our experts arrive at your place as quickly as possible and help you out. They use proper equipment and modern tools to unlock the door of your car without any scratch or damage. Once the car is unlocked, you can grab your keys and get back to your work. 

Car Key Cutting

Suppose you are about to start the ignition but the key gets stuck inside and breaks off. Majority of people in Dubai have reported a scenario like this. Our professionals carefully use a perfect set of tools to bring out the broken key from the ignition lock. Once they successfully take it out, they make a new key one, so that you can start your car again. 

Lost Keys

Lost the keys to your car? You may wonder that a locksmith requires a set of original keys to make another duplicate pair. While that may be true, our experts use advanced methods to carve your car keys. At first, they inspect the area of the lock, be it trunk, ignition, petrol or gas filling area, or simply car doors. Taking proper measurements & samples, they start to carve the key using tried and tested methods. 


Cars have become an important part of our life. And, losing keys to your car or having a broken key while turning the ignition, are common causes that many people have to face, quite often. 

But, Atdoorstep can assist you in these situations. We provide service for car switch Dubai. Our team of experts are not only experienced but they’re also equipped with modern tools and machinery to make sure your car switches are readily accessible. 

No matter what car it is, be it, Ford, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Toyota, Bentley, Mazda, Mustang, or Honda, our experts render explicit outcomes. From losing keys to breakage of ignition keys & and unlocking the trunk, they can do it all. 

Our service’s goal is client-oriented, thus we have made a unique structure for quality assurance. This is also why we are known as one of the most recommended brands in Dubai. 

We are identified as one of the largest and top-rated marketplaces in Dubai to provide quality car switch Dubai service. We take in information regarding your requirement. Based on that, we connect you to professionals who are nearby. 

Since your safety is our first concern, we make sure that these professionals are verified before registering with us. Also, they are friendly so you can interact freely with them. As of now, there are thousands of professionals registered with Atdoorstep who thrive to deliver you a good service. 

Additionally, they undergo a good amount of training before associating with us. So, if you want to avail a proper car switch service, then we can your best bet. 

Get Professional Car Switch Service Today!

For us, your safety and well being get the top priority. This is the reason why our service focuses on what the client requires and prefers. So, are you looking for quality & accuracy in-car switch service? Then, you’ll get it here with us. 

To get a professional car switch Dubai service, simply go to our website “’. For easy booking, you can also install the ADS application on your iOS and Android device. Reach out to our customer support executives and get your queries to answer. Without further waiting, join us now!

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