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Every home deserves the best when it comes to cleaning services. Atdoorstep is committed to offering incomparable residential as well as commercial cleaning services. So, you can sit back and relax while our reliable professionals fulfill all your cleaning services Dubai requirements. You gain a vast range of benefits from Atdoorstep.

  • Dust, allergens can cause breathing problems. Proper cleaning and vacuuming can remove these issues. But you can definitely feel the cleanliness after the Atdoorstep professional house cleaning services Dubai are done with their job.

  • Are you confused about where to start off the cleaning? Let the professionals deal with it. Professionals can reach the toughest corners around your house. Additionally, they know every possible way on how to deal with different surfaces and cleaning materials.

  • Cleanliness can keep several diseases away. Atdoorstep’s deep cleaning services Dubai help you to gain a dust-free home for quite a long time. Get assured compliments from your guests for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your house.

  • Cleaning an office involves enough workforce along with the appropriate cleaning product. Atdoorstep professionals know which cleaning products should be used for a heavy traffic prone area.

  • Reaching out to each and every corner of a room and cleaning different areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, etc requires advanced equipment and tools. Atdoorstep is equipped with each and every cleaning product, solutions and latest cleaning tools.

Professional Cleaning Services Dubai Offered by Atdoorstep

We offer a plethora of cleaning services in Dubai. Primarily the cleaning service can be divided into residential and commercial. But as we expanded our reach, we have designed the services such that you can pick an option that suits your requirement. 

Home Cleaning Service Dubai

You can opt for studio, villa, or apartment cleaning services in Dubai through Atdoorstep. The professional will make the doors, windows, walls sparkling clean for you. We are involved in proper organizing and maintenance of your household items, be it room decor, appliance or furniture.  

Sofa Cleaning Service Dubai

Generally, sofas are one of the most neglected parts of a house. The sofa can contain billions of dust-particles and germs. If you have any pets then the sofas must have furs of them. Don’t compromise with your hygiene. Atdoorstep’s professional cleaning services in Dubai pay extra attention and accomplish the cleaning job using advanced cleaning techniques and methods.

Kitchen Cleaning Service Dubai

Cleaning a kitchen can give you headaches, as it gathers oil stains, microbial growth around the sink, etc with time. Thus, consider our professional kitchen cleaning service. From mopping the floor to taking out the trash they will do it all. They will clean up major kitchen appliances like kitchen chimneys, refrigerator, microwave oven, as well.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets need to be handled more carefully so that the quality and fabric is maintained. Moreover, it houses harmful bacteria and viruses, too. Whether the carpet is small, medium, or large, our professionals will duly vacuum it. If required, they would spray disinfectant over the carpets, too.

Bathroom Cleaning Services Dubai

Bathrooms are the breeding ground for microbes that can spread diseases. Thus, professional intervention is highly required. The experts associated with Atdoorstep will clean the toilets, showers and tubs inside out and even the mirrors and fixtures. They will mop and disinfect the floor, clean the sink and even wipe the inaccessible and accessible surfaces. 

Mattress Cleaning Services Dubai

Mattress with time accumulates dirt, dead skin cells and dust. Now, if you want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable sleep then strictly ensure that the mattress is cleaned within a regular time interval. Atdoorstep professionals help you to keep the mattresses, look and smell fresh with its exclusive steam cleaning services. The perks of hiring an expert are that they not only disinfect the mattress but also deodorize the room.

Window Cleaning Services Dubai

Dubai encounters regular sandstorms and due to which the windows invite in the dust, sand and other debris. You need to clean these windows regularly in order to maintain a hygienic environment. Opt for Atdoorstep's comprehensive window cleaning services, ensure that the drapes are sparkling clean and the wooden frames are dust and mould-free.

Curtain Cleaning Services Dubai

To avoid health hazards curtain cleaning is highly essential. Atdoorstep houses professionals who are efficient in dusting and wiping the curtains clean. They use advanced cleaners that not only kill germs but also ensures to maintain the fabric. Our professionals further help to remove the stains and grime and if required sanitize the drapes.

Office Cleaning Service

A clean environment not only attracts employees but also boosts their productivity level. Furthermore, being the owner of a company, it is your responsibility to stop the spread of contagious diseases. So, opt for Atdoorstep's proficient individuals who are involved in cleaning every commercial sector and corporate building. Build a strong customer-client and employee relationship with a safe working environment.

Deep Cleaning Service

Along with regular cleaning service, we also offer deep cleaning services to remove tough stains and stubborn grime. This process does not involve all the areas of a building but the ones that require root planing before initiating the cleaning process. Organizing, scrubbing and disinfecting are also a part of deep cleaning.

About Cleaning services

Cleaning is the only way to achieve disease-free surrounding and hygiene. Now, this act is not just restricted to the body, in order to maintain a clean environment, you need to ward off the dust and debris and microbes from the objects around you. 

We understand that owing to a busy lifestyle, in places like Dubai, people do not get the spare time to devote to cleaning. Here, Atdoorstep took the initiative to help you grasp a serene and presentable environment. 

Our residential cleaning ensures that your family members including your kids, elderly people and pets, get healthy air to breath in. Likewise, commercial cleaning leads to prevention of contagious disease, attracts new clients and enhances productivity.

Thus, each and every service from Atdoorstep is meant to render complete satisfaction and guaranteed assistance. We are considered to be the best bet when it comes to cleaning services.

We are one of the largest service provider marketplace in Dubai. We are dedicated to helping our customers with reliable and professional services. Whether it is cleaning a villa or apartment or any commercial and corporate sector, our professionals cover it all. We aim to deliver quality service to you at your place. 

Besides this, we are also working with verified and certified cleaning professionals. Experience a new horizon of cleaning services only through us. Our professionals are expert in cleaning a carpet, sofa and the entire house. They carry eco-friendly products to ensure complete safety. 

You can choose from our plethora of service and book a professional. Mention your requirements and we would fix a schedule for the cleaning service. The professionals undergo strict training modules so that they can impart a class-apart cleaning experience. So, hire now and experience the difference.

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  • B
    grade 4/5

    I am really happy with the cleaning service provided by the cleaning experts. They not only arranged my office, made it clean and tidy, but also informed me about the cleaning details that they are going to implement. Atdoorstep are real gems!

  • m
    grade 5/5

    I booked their service a few days back. And, honestly, the office cleaning service provided by Atdoorstep was really fantastic. The professional team is brilliant. But, I expected a little bit more from them. Still, I would rate them a 4 Star, Better luck next time!

  • R
    Riham Osama
    grade 5/5

    For quite a long time, I was looking for a monthly office cleaning expert. But, I didn't get any kind of response or get any information about a reliable cleaning service agency. Then, my nephew told me about Atdoorstep. And, now I feel lucky to have them. Now, I know why Atdoorstep is praised by everyone.!

  • m
    grade 4/5

    I have booked their cleaning team to clean my office twice a week. I liked that they confirmed my booking appointment within a few seconds. They arrived on time, cleared my queries about their service and in return gave an immaculate office environment. Every time they leave me awestruck with their service.

  • A
    Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais
    grade 4/5

    Best Office Cleaning Services in Dubai! It feels great to have such an amazing service provider like Atdoorstep. The professional cleaning team came on time, cleaned every corner and that too at a reasonable price. I am really grateful to them. You guys are really incredible in your work!

  • j
    grade 5/5

    They are reliable! The cleaning professionals took good care of my house. Thanks, Atdoorstep for making my apartment smell nice! Now, I can clearly feel the difference. With their professional touch, the hygiene level has also increased. I even recommended my friends.

  • H
    grade 4/5

    I run an enterprise. And I hardly get time to clean my house. And, Atdoorstep has made my life easy and worth living without any stress. Their cleaning services are unbelievable. Also, the professional cleaning team has outstanding communication skills. Really Amazed!

  • A
    Ali Amine
    grade 5/5

    You guys are amazing! I absolutely loved your work. And, I am planning to book their home cleaning service again next month. They reached on time and made my house free from all the clutters in a short span of time. Praise-worthy service!

  • m
    grade 5/5

    They used high-end cleaning products and the latest cleaning tools to clean my house. Every corner of my house is now dust free. Moreover, they paid prior attention to what I said and how I wanted the cleaning to be done. Thank you, Atdoorstep. You guys are the best!

  • m
    grade 5/5

    Atdoorstep is undoubtedly the Best Home Cleaning Services in Dubai. It has been three years since I became a registered customer. What I love about the service is that it is trustworthy. And Yes! I would definitely recommend their house cleaning team.

  • H
    Honey Kumar
    grade 4/5

    very nice service