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How it Works

Cleaning curtains is never simple or easy. Over the course of time curtain traps many layers of dust, smoke, and microorganisms. A professional from atdoorstep can help you to solve these pesky problems. Besides that, you have additional advantages in your favour. 

  • Once you do a booking, based on your requirements, a professional will be assigned to you, who’ll arrive right at your doorstep. By the end of the service, you’ll get a significant change. Your curtains will be revived back to its lost glory. 

  • You can make a selection of what kind of curtain cleaning services you want. From dry cleaning, vacuuming to washing, our professional can do all of it. If you’d like to add additional services, that can be done too without any hesitation. 

  • Curtains can absorb dirt, moisture, smoke, gas, bacterias, and fleas. It can be a tricky method to get rid of them completely. Our professionals have the correct experience in resolving these issues. They use the right quality of products to make sure the curtains are clean and disinfected. 

  • Amidst a busy lifestyle, you may not get the time to jot down all the curtains in the house and wash them properly. When you book a service from us, you won’t have to worry about anything. You can sit back and relax. 

  • Having clean curtains in the house adds beauty to the house. It makes sure that life around the house is not affected, and it also induces a positive mindset with increased productivity levels. Besides, who doesn’t like waking up to a pair of fresh and clean curtains? so rely on us.

Types of Curtain Cleaning Services Offered At Atdoorstep

Cleaning curtains can be risky. If in case there is any mistake, you might damage the curtains beyond the time point of no return. Our professionals are well aware of that. They examine the curtains before doing the services so that they can avoid the damage. 

On-Site Cleaning

We provide onsite curtain cleaning Dubai services. If you do not want the curtains to be removed, our professional will take good care of it without removing it from where it belongs. Additionally, they will clean the curtains with focus and precision. Our professionals are experts in these things and can do it effortlessly. 

Off-Site Cleaning

You can choose off-site curtain cleaning services if your house is under renovation or if there’s any urgency. Our professionals will arrive and pick up the curtains. After the service is over, they will deliver and install them back where they belong, with care and within a short span of time.  

Dry Curtain Cleaning Service

At first, our professionals examine the curtain thoroughly. They look for stains and spots. After that, they take off the dust and soil particles from the layer by vacuuming. After that, they use spot removal solutions to the places where stains are. After that, using a high-quality solution, they dry clean the curtains. Our professionals ensure to sanitize the curtains. 

Wet Curtain Cleaning Service

During the wet cleaning services, our professionals will do a colour test on the curtain to check if the colours are coming off or not. Then, they dry clean the curtains to remove dust particles for its layer. Once that is done, they use quality products like stain-free detergent on it. Our professionals make sure that the scrubbing is done correctly. After that, they rinse the curtains thoroughly several times. Lastly, they dry it with equipment and tools. 

Steam Curtain Cleaning Services

Our professionals are well aware of the tools that are effective for steam cleaning of the curtains. They have practical experience and knowledge in using the steam method. At first, they’d apply a hot solution to the curtains. Then, using steam, from hot water, they clean the curtains. Steam curtains Dubai is an effective method so consider the curtains deeply cleaned from allergens. Also, it disinfects the curtains by a large margin.

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