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How it Works

Shipping dangerous goods is a part of very precise work. You need to be aware of the materials and carefully place them in the cargo so that it can be transported safely. Here, professional help is needed. Besides, you’ll have more advantages in your favour. 

  • Once you avail our Dangerous Goods Shipping Service, we make sure a nearby professional is assigned to you for the service. As soon as they arrive, they start with the service carefully. You’ll find the difference after the service is done. 

  • Our experts have years of experience in the service. From packing, and docking materials like chemicals, weapons, batteries, and more fragile products, they can do all of it carefully. They’re well aware of using the right cargo and placement for transporting. 

  • Your partake in shipping dangerous goods is negligible. All you need to do is sit back and relax while our expert continues to do their service. You can continue to do your own work while our experts do theirs. Throughout the service, you’ll be regularly informed about the service. 

  • Having a dangerous goods shipping service is important as a professional can handle it carefully. Through regular tracking, documentation, our service ensures that your goods will be transported to the desired location using professional & safety protocols. 

Types of Dangerous Goods Shipping Services Offered By Atdoorstep

If you want to export dangerous goods to different countries or cities then you simply need to maintain certain safety and security protocols. Let our experts take care of shipping dangerous goods for you. 

Labelling of Goods

The first step on hazardous goods shipping is to label the types of items that are going in for transportation. Our experts go through the items and label them for what they signify. For instance, Explosives, Gases, Toxic Substances, Flammables liquids & solids, Radioactive materials, corrosives, oxidizing materials, and other products. Among these items, our experts label fragile as the ones that need careful handling during loading & unloading. 


Now, based on the items, you can choose to transport them by shipping or by Air Freight. In either case, our experts use international regulations for transporting them. They use materials like plastic jugs, steel pails, and fiberboards for packing items based on their types. For essential items, our experts use protective packaging based on the type of danger, be it major or minor. Also, multiple shipments may be necessary if you have a lot of items are to be shipped 


When the items are set for transporting, our experts make sure that documentation is ready for shipping. For transporting hazardous or dangerous items, proper documentation and authorization from authorities are necessary. Once the documentation settles, your items are ready for the shipment. 


Once the items go through shipping to your location successfully, they go directly to the official warehouses of the state. From there, you can choose to receive them directly from the warehouse or get them delivered to certain industrial zones or factories. Our expert makes sure all your item are intact without any harm and nothing is missing during the delivery.


Moving dangerous goods to different cities can be a hectic job. There are so many things to consider when you’re shipping them. Be it to one country or more than one. Based on their material, cargo must be chosen and transported. Doing all that alone seems nearly impossible. 

But here’s where Atdoorstep can be helpful to you. Our expert professionals provide dangerous goods shipping Service where they carefully transport all dangerous goods from one location to another, be it national or international. 

Through years of experience in this field, they keep learning about packing, loading, and unloading essential items that are fragile and need careful attention. For instance, shipping chemicals, needles, weapons, ion batteries, corrosive materials, and much more Also, they maintain the shipping rules in transporting them. 

That being said, our dangerous goods shipping services rely mostly on your needs which makes our brand special and recommend one in Dubai among other companies. 

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We deeply care about your well being and meeting with your requirements. Concerning that, our services focus on what our customers are looking for. This is why thousands of people trust our service and demand more in the future. So, are you looking for quality and accuracy in the service? Then, you’ll find it here with us. 

To get our dangerous goods shipping service, then simply go to our official website, “Atdoorstep.ae” and follow the booking steps. You can also avail the ADS application for easy booking, on your iOS and Android device. We also care about what our customers have to say, so reach out to our customer support team and get your queries answers. So, without further waiting, get your service today! 

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