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If you want to transport items from one country to another, then there are many things to first check and consider. Heavy equipment needs careful handling and professional guidance. Let our experts take care of it. Besides that, there are a plethora of advantages for you. 

  • Once you avail the shipping heavy equipment overseas service with us, we will assign a nearby expert to assist you. As the professional arrives, they will assess the situation and do the needful from packing to transporting. By the end of the service, you’ll see a difference in how fast the items have been transported safely. 

  • Transporting equipment is not as easy as it sounds. It requires careful assessment, proper packing, scheduled transporting, and finally reaching the location. Our professionals have learned a lot about the service from their past experience. From ship heavy equipment overseas trucks, contaminants, industrial items, and petroleum, they can transport anything safely to your destination. 

  • Your involvement in this service would remain negligible. All you need to do is sit back and track the route while our experts take care of everything for you. You can continue to do your work and remain carefree while our professionals transport your items to your desired location. Once it has been done, you’ll be informed. 

  • Getting a professional shipping heavy equipment overseas service is important because it ensures that the goods will be delivered safely without any issue. That being said, professionals know how to pack equipment based on their material and weight for safe moving.

Types of Heavy Equipment Shipping Services Offered by Atdoorstep

If you plan to ship heavy equipment overseas then let our professional experts take care of the entire process. Their dedication to work is always at a peak since they’re always on a learning curve. 

Farm Equipment

If you want to transport farm equipment then our experts can do so. Using the right packaging, our experts pack farm equipment like balers, tractors, planters, sprayers, ploughs, and more are transported in a container ship. 

Industrial Equipment

Regarding Industrial equipment, our team of experts has preparations for that too. If you want to transport industrial materials, then our experts use two distinctive methods called, Roll On and Roll Off method where based on weight and height of the items, they’re shipped on a flat-bed ship. Materials like containers, petroleum, crane, large machinery, and more are shipped in this service. 

Construction Equipment

For construction equipment, our experts transport both operable and non-operable, in a container ship. These items fit into the container which goes through shipping to the location. Our experts take care of the packaging carefully, be it, bulldozers, engines, hydraulic forklifts, modern tools, or cranes. Also, they ensure all the containers of the construction items are kept together for safety & security purposes. 

Engineering Equipment

We provide experts who are efficient in packing ship heavy equipment overseas like bulks of operating systems, cables, machinery, office items, security cameras, vehicles, gym machines, operable & non-operable items, and much more. Our expert’s proper packing ensures that no damage is done to the items while transporting. Once the items go through transportation, you get immediate confirmation about it.


You may have plans to expand your industry overseas or you may be dealing with regular exporting heavy machinery to other cities and countries. While the thought of it can seem like a hard-working job, it isn’t. 

In fact, Atdoorstep can be helpful to you in this case. We provide heavy equipment overseas ship services where our experts take care of the goods and make sure they reach their respective destination safely. 

No matter what kind of good you plan to transport overseas, our experts have acquired years of experience in dealing with heavy items worth more than 60, 000 lbs. Be it large containers, trucks, construction equipment, petroleum, pipeline transportation, or international items, our experts will take good care of it. 

There are no limitations. In fact, we are more focused on what our clients want. This is the major reason why our brand is one of the most recommended cargo shipping companies in Dubai. 

We are known as one of the largest as well as one of the most top-rated service platforms in Dubai to provide services associated with shipping heavy equipment overseas. Based on your requirements in the services, we connect to reliable professionals who are expert at the job. 

Concerning that, we are serious about your safety and security which is why we first verify our professional before they can register themselves with us. Also, they’re friendly and honest so you can rely on them with their service. As of now, there are thousands of experts registered with us who equally thrive to produce their best results in the service. 

Additionally, they also go through strict training sessions to improvise and learn more from their service. So, if you are looking for a heavy equipment shipping oversea service, then Atdoorstep can be your ultimate trust.

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For us, your safety and security is our top priority. We also care about your well being which is why our services focus mainly on what our clients require in the service. This is why thousands of people are happy with our service and would like to avail more in the future. 

So, are you looking for precise and quality work in shipping heavy equipment overseas services? Atdoorstep can be the place to bestow your trust. 

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