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Our bodies get tired from all the daily activities we do and it is essential to relax your muscles to get the blood circulation intact, for a healthy life. Let our professional take care of that. Besides, you will have added benefits of Dubai massage at home.

  • Once you avail the home massage service with us, we will connect you to a reliable professional who’s near your locality. As soon as they arrive, they will start with their service as per your instruction and preference. You’ll feel a significant change. 

  • The experts have a vast range of knowledge through years of experience. They are well aware of key points in the human body that need massaging in a certain way. Be its shoulder blades, lower back, arms, calve muscles or feet, they can ease all the pain in your body.

  • It is needless to say that during the service, all that you will be doing is relaxing. While you’re resting, our masseuse will take care of the service. The whole time you can either rest or listen to music and enjoy it. 

  • Getting a professional home massage service is important for the human body. Not only will your muscles get relaxed & healed, but also your body will become stress-free and will thus boost immunity.

Types of Home Massage Service Offered by Atdoorstep

Does your body ache often? Or, do you face back pain a lot? If yes, then it is time for you to get a home massage service. Tissues and muscles in your body need time to heal otherwise it will affect your lifestyle. Our massage center in Dubai home service can help you to achieve a healthier daily routine.

Swedish Massage

We offer Swedish massage which specifically includes the use of effective body oil and massage therapy. Our experts first assess the areas in your body. And, start strokes with light intensity. Afterwards, the pressure of strokes increases with transition based on which area seems to be affected the most. Our experts are well aware of each stroke and use it on the basis of each individual. 

Aromatherapy Massage

We also provide aromatherapy home massage that includes the use of essential oils extracted from specific plants mixed with body oil. Our experts are well educated on which plant oils have healing properties for the body. Likewise, they promote healthy massage therapy to the body with the help of this essential oil to rejuvenate the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

When you keep sitting in one place for too long or when you unconsciously sleep in one particular position for too long, the tissue in the body forms knots. Upon pressing, we tend to feel pain. Our experts perform deep tissue massage to break down the knots that are formed in the deep layers of muscle. Here, massage therapy is relatively more intense than other massage therapies. However, with years of practice in-home massage Dubai, our experts know the amount of pressure required for healing pain. 

Thai Massage

We offer Thai Massage where our experts utilize certain techniques like stretching, pressing movements, and yoga. Since it is the most energizing form of massage, our experts do it methodically. They use compression in a rhythmic way so that stress is reduced and flexibility is promoted. If you happen to suffer from chronic pain or excessive back pain, then our experts will take care of it with Thai massage Dubai. 


On a daily basis, we endure hectic activities, be it simply cooking, going out to work or jogging. Either way, the muscles tend to become sore and tight. In many cases, you may end up having unusual shoulder or back pain and before you seek a doctor, a relaxing home massage can be a solution for it. 

For such cases, Atdoorstep can be a great help to you. We provide professional home massage services in Dubai. Concerning this, we have a team of expert masseuses, if you are looking for a massage centre near me, who provides a relaxing massage to your body. 

From applying the correct amount of pressure, using an essential oil, massaging the spine, muscles with various equipment, our expert can do all of it easily. They care about your health as much as you do. 

And, that is why our service is uniquely designed that is mainly concerned with what you require and what’s best for you. Also, this is a major reason why our brand is the most recommended name in Dubai. 

We are a promising team offering the largest home massage service providers in Dubai. As per your instructions, we connect you to professional experts who are nearby. We take serious consideration for safety measures for our clients so we always verify our experts before they register themselves with us. That being said, their approach is friendly so you can freely communicate with them. For now, there are more than thousands of experts readily available to deliver you their best service.

Additionally, these experts also undergo training sessions before they register themselves with us. So, if you are looking for a professional massage centre near me service, then Atdoorstep can be your ultimate relaxing bet.


Get Professional Home Massage Service Today!

We deeply care about your wellbeing and safety which is why our service is client-focused. Our experts promote healthy living through their exceptional service. This is also a reason why thousands of people are happy with the service we provide. So, if you are searching for quality & accuracy in the massage centre near me service, then it is here with Atdoorstep. 

To get an expert massage home service today, go to our website “Atdoorstep.ae” and go through the booking procedure. Install the ADS application on your iOS or Android device and get your queries answered quickly. So, join us now!

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