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Do you need a helping hand to take care of your baby? Or, do you have to attend an immediate meeting or event? This is where professional nannies come to serve you with the best assistance. You do not need to compromise with handling and caring for your baby. Grab a plethora of advantages just by availing our eminent part-time nanny service.

  • In case, you have to attend an important meeting, don’t worry about your child. Book a nanny service from Atdoorstep and our reliable nanny would reach you as soon as possible. Our professional nannies are proficient in feeding babies, cooking, playing with babies. You are leaving your baby in safe hands.

  • If you are a new parent, you might get a very little amount of time to enjoy your parenthood. New-born babies need extra and special attention; hence it might be difficult for you to relax. Book a part-time nanny service during your rush hours so that you don’t have to deal with the stress. Enjoy your parenthood with our incomparable part-time nanny Dubai service.

  • Don’t leave your baby in daycare. It is better to appoint a part-time nanny so that your child can feel comfortable at home. Additionally, the baby doesn’t have to eat the outside food at daycare. The child can eat the homely food cooked by our professional nannies. 

  • Let your child socialise with our nannies so that he or she can understand how to communicate with other individuals. Your child can learn from our nannies. They introduce your child to basic education through playful activities.


Part-Time Nanny Dubai Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Do you have to leave your child alone for a longer period of time? We understand your worries. That’s why Atdoorstep has introduced reliable support, the professional part-time nanny service in Dubai. We are your optimum choice when it comes to handling your child. We do compromise with childcare.

Baby Care

Our nannies have specialised in child monitoring to help new parents. This is our humble initiative to ease out the post-childbirth process. Our nannies incorporate new mothers and the family so that they can find some time to relax. All our nannies take care of the newborn baby from his or her feeding to changing diapers, bathing, sleeping and everything else.

Maternity Support and Care

Challenges are obvious when you have become a new parent. Our nannies not only provide the utmost comfort to newborn babies but also take care of new mothers. They would help in your work while you are looking after your child. The nannies would sterilise the bottles and prepare the food for the baby. They would advise how to maintain hygiene around your baby, how to take care of the newborn. 

Child Care

Every parent prefers that their child should remain within safe hands. That’s why most parents try to attend their children on their own. But, due to some unavoidable circumstances, you have to rely on the nanny services. So, it is our duty to make you stress-free by providing the best part-time nanny service in Dubai. Our nannies would drop off and pick up your child from nurseries. They can be your ultimate companion during your working hours. 

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