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How it Works

Transporting items can be really difficult as you have to consider budget, mode of transportation, cargos and much more. Through our LCL shipping service, our expert guarantees efficient transportation. Besides that, you have more added benefits on your side. 

  • Once you avail our less container load service, we will assign a suitable professional for the service. Based on your time and date, the professional will arrive at the location and set their service for packing and transporting the cargos. Once the service is done, you’ll see how efficiently our experts accomplish the job. 

  • Our experts have had years of experience in the shipping service. From packing and loading computer hardware, chemical products, industrial and construction items, apparel, agricultural to other stuff, we transport all of it. Also, the experts are on a learning curve and do their best to abide by your necessities in the service. 

  • Your partake in the service would be negligible. This implies that you won’t have to do anything during the service. You can continue to do your work while our experts do the service. After the initiation of transportation, you will be informed about it from time to time. 

  • Getting a professional service from us ensures the safety of your items. Through many measures of proper documentation and tracking, our service ensures that no amount of damage or unethical changes will happen to the transported items.

Types of Less Container Load Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Getting partial container shipping service is much like sharing a cab with your colleague to your wok. The bill is split but the job gets done for both you and your colleague. Similarly, our shipping services are defined on sub-services within the service. 


The first step of the less container load service deals with preparing the items for transportation. Our experts carefully assess them and pack them into different cargo containers. From the warehouse, our experts will load all the items into the container as quickly as possible. Once the cargo containers are filled, they will be ready to go to the port. 

Transfer to Port

Once the experts have filled the container with items, the cargo moves to the dock where our experts will depart the items. Based on the previous bookings of the car, our expert’s hand over the item to the shipping line. Over there, a minimum time period is required until they set the sail. Then, the cargo is transported to the desired location’s port. 


Our less container load services cover many locations for transportation. If your desired location is the second one in line, then during the first docking, your cargo is offloaded or they load your LCL cargo into a different container to make space for other arrivals. After that, your goods arrive at your location. 

Arrival Destination

Once your items have arrived at the driver location’s port, our experts take over the further responsibilities of unloading them and checking if the items are all intact and have not been misplaced with other items. From here, our experts take your items to the warehouse, based on the location. 


Our experts safely and securely keep all your containers in the warehouse. Depending on your choice, you can choose the mode of delivery. You can go by yourself to get them or you can get them delivered at your location. Our experts thoroughly check everything before handing over your items. They make sure all the LCL cargo containers have been delivered to you without any delay in time.


Exporting products to different cities and countries has a process where one can pack the goods, load it onto the ship and set it to sail until it arrives at the location. But the problem lies with the quantity, weight, and budget. Airfreight cargos are expensive while availing small cargos are not budget-friendly for transporting. 

Here’s where Atdoorstep has a solution for you. We provide an exceptional Less Container Load service (LCL shipping) where our team of experts helps to ship your items in the most efficient way. Using this service, our team ensures that your item will be delivered in a timely manner and you will get value for money service. 

Be it computer hardware and software, energy products, chemicals, apparel, appliances, agricultural & industrial equipment, get all of them delivered properly. 

That being said, our experts consider your need to be the first priority which is why our brand is one of the most recommended shipping companies in Dubai. For less container load service, we can be your ultimate trust. 

We are known as one of the largest platforms and the top-rated brands in Dubai to provide Less Container Load Service. Based on your requirements, we connect you to reliable professionals who are the best fit for your service. That being said, we care about your safety first. That is why our experts are verified and certified before they get themselves registered with us. 

Also, they understand the importance of communication so you can freely interact with them for information. As of now, there are thousands of registered experts who equally thrive to provide their best in the service.

Additionally, they go through training modules to sharpen their skills and produce excellence through every service delivered. So, if you want to avail of our LCL shipping service, we can be your safe bet.

Get Certified Heavy Less Container Load Service Today!

To us, the most important thing is to provide you with the service you’re looking for. Hence, we do the needful to be at your service. We give services that are focused on client specifications which is why so many people are happy with the services we’ve delivered till now. So, if you’re looking for accuracy and quality, then Atdoorstep can be your safe bet. 

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