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How it Works

Losing keys to essential places or things like your house, car, storage warehouse, or simply luggage can put you in stress. To resolve this situation, professional help is required. Alongside, you’ll get more advantages in your favour.

  • Once you avail the locksmith Dubai service from us, we will assign you a professional based on your locality. Upon arrival, they will inspect and start the service. You can witness their expert work once they are done and compare their service on your own. 

  • Be it office, house, cars, warehouses, luggage, or anything else that you’re locked out from or lost keys to, our experts will work on all of them. They go through enormous training so that they can offer measures of safety and security for you. 

  • You won’t have to do anything in the service. So, you can get back to doing your work while they do yours. For queries, you can interact with them. Once the service is done, you’ll be informed. 

  • Getting a locksmith service is a necessity when it comes to taking that extra measure of security. Also, it is crucial when the situation is critical, such as getting locked out of your own house. Regardless, it ensures that your house, car, office, or luggage is safe. 

Types of Locksmith Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Losing keys or getting locked out of your cars or houses is a common phenomenon that happens with the majority of people in Dubai. While it’s completely natural, it is also a problematic situation that needs professional guidance. Let our experts from Atdoorstep take that responsibility. 


We provide a residential locksmith service. From making an extra pair of keys, repairing the locks and installing them, making master keys & high-security locks, repairing & smoothening deadbolts with replacing doorknobs, our expert can handle all of it without any hesitation. 


Commercial places require more than just a simple lock. Since it is a place that holds a lot of value and resources, our experts understand its respective requirements. They carry advanced equipment for installing, repairing, or replacing locks, master keys, panic devices, push bars, door closers and much more. 


Getting locked out of a car is a critical situation. It makes you stranded in one place until the locksmith arrives. In our case, our experts arrive as fast as possible and inspect. From installing auto-lock, making ignition keys, transponder keys, repairing, or replacement door keys, they do all of it using proper equipment. 

Access Control

If the attendance system in your office premise has stopped working, then there is nothing to worry about. We provide access control locksmith services where our experts fix issues with the attendance systems. Also, if the door phone system is locked, then they fix that as well. 

Emergency Locksmith Services

If there is an emergency situation where you’ve been locked out of your premise during a critical time, then we provide emergency locksmith services. Here, our priorities are bound with providing you with the service as soon as possible. Our experts reach you quickly and get the service done. 


Are you locked out of your house? Or do you simply wish to make another pair of keys for security purposes? Regardless, being locked out of your house can be a stressful event. Or, losing keys to your car or luggage can be a troublesome experience. 

Here’s where Atdoorstep can be of great help to you. We provide proficient locksmith services in Dubai. Our team of professionals are expert in making new locks or making new keys for your car, house, commercial spaces, or luggage items. They have the right set of tools to carry out the entire process. 

With the help of our assistance, you won’t have to worry about being locked out again or losing keys. Our experts care about meeting your requirements. This makes us one of the most recommended brands in Dubai. Also, our locksmith Dubai service is designed specifically to meet every client’s requirement. 

We are identified as one of the largest and top-class Locksmith service providers in Dubai. According to your requirements, we connect you to nearby professionals who are registered with us. Also, your safety is our prime concern which is why we first verify our professional before you get to hire them. You can easily rely on them since they’re friendly. As of now, there are thousands of registered experts who equally thrive to deliver you the best of their service. 

Additionally, they go through intense training to sharpen their skills before they register themselves with us. So, if you are looking for a  locksmith Dubai service, then rest assured that we can be your trust.

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We care about your wellbeing and look forward to meeting all your requirements. Hence, our service focuses mainly on what our clients demand. This is one of the major reasons why thousands of people are content with our service to date. So, if you want to get accuracy and quality in locksmith services then you’ll have it here. 

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