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How it Works

Having the desired design on your fingernails is an art and doing it on your own can get messy. Here, our professional expert can help you with trending nail art. Besides that, you’ll have a plethora of advantages on your end:

  • Once you avail our nail art service, we will assign a professional to your location based on your given time and date. As soon as they arrive, they will start their service. Once it is over, you will see the difference for yourself.  

  • From making customized designs, choosing from a set of pre-made designs, using multiple color combinations or trying fancy covers, they can do it all very easily. Also, they use Dubai-approved products with modern technologies for effective and fast results. 

  • You won’t have to do anything in this nail art service. All you must do is sit back and enjoy watching your nails getting nail art done in your own way. You can even interact with the professional for any queries since they’re friendly. 

  • When you have a specific party to attend and you’d want to match your nails with the themes, a professional guide would be helpful. Also, if you want a customized design, then also, our experts can ensure that you get it exactly on your nails without any errors. 

Types of Nail Art Services Offered By Atdoorstep

Making nail art on your own can be messy most of the time. You need to consider a lot of things and will be able to do it only on one hand. Getting a professional nail art service would ensure that you get it done easily and exactly the way you wanted. 


Our experts have a set of brushes that differ from each other in length and width such as flat, detailed, angled, dotted, and more. Using these brushes, our experts draw a design for you based on your choice of colors and design. Be it a combination of two colors or three or even four, they never fail to do it. That being said, our nail art design experts have a lot of patience which is why the end results are always pleasant. 

Sponge Bobbing

Are you looking for a gradient texture on your nails? Then, with our sponge bobbing nail art design technique, our experts give you that. Here, a coating of color is first applied to your nails then our experts use all kinds of sponges, such as a small one or a relatively big one. Then, they dab it on a different color of your choice and dab it back on your nails over the previous color on the nails. Doing this can produce a gradient texture but also might leave some paints on the edge of the fingertips. So, for that, our experts use acetone to remove it. 

Nail Stamping

In our nail stamping technique, our experts use a plate to print the design using a special kind of nail paint. This produces a stumpy layer which can be later taken out of the plate and placed on the nails. Using a nail roller, the print from the plate is now printed on your nails over a solid color. Our experts have years of experience so it’s very easy for them to do it. 


The use of stencil makes the job done much faster. In this technique, our experts use a premade stencil having premade nail art designs under it. First, they apply a solid color of nail polish on your fingernails. After it dries, they take the stencil and place it upon the fingernails. After a while, they remove the stencil and you’ll find a perfectly carved design on your nails without any errors. 

Digital Nail Art

We also offer digital nail art Dubai in which the entire process of printing the design is digital. Our experts use modern technologies for this purpose. They simply use a machine where you can print your desired picture, design, pattern, or even a photograph of your dog. Our experts operate the machine by first scanning the design on a plate and then imprinting it on the nails.


We also provide Nanny service in Dubai

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