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How it Works

We house a team of professional shopping mall cleaning experts, who are knowledgeable enough to help you remove the dirt and dust. We ensure to provide a safe and contamination-free shopping environment. Additionally, you get a plethora of advantages by just availing our service experts. 

  • To improve the inner air-quality of the shopping mall, seek assistance. We ensure to use advanced tools and environmental chemical solutions to clean the windows, floors, elevators, and other inaccessible areas.

  • Proceeding with cleaning, mopping to rinse the tough stains from the floors and walls of the mall, our experts will apply all the required cleaning methods to keep you safe from the allergens and bacteria. 

  • Moreover, a clean shopping mall does not compromise with the health of the customers. Additionally, the clean appearance of a shopping mall, owing to the use of powerful vacuuming and cleaning tools, attracts millions of people on a daily basis. 

  • Atdoorstpe are in the cleaning field for more than a decade. So, we provide equal attention to every nook and corner of a shopping mall. We sanitize the most touch-able areas and use steam cleaning to disinfect the entire building.

Incomparable Shopping Mall Cleaning Services Offered By Atdoorstep

Atdoorstpe is the top-leading cleaning service provider who consists of the best trained and experienced shopping mall cleaning experts in Dubai. We work with commercialized products and equipment to deliver you the best and effective result with ease. 

Floor Cleaning

To ensure proper maintenance of the shopping malls it is necessary to keep the floors clean and free from any strains. A clean and hygienic environment is what matters the most in every shopping mall. Daily, a shopping mall encounters numerous foot-falls, many people visit the malls, thus it becomes highly necessary to wipe off the muddy stains from the floor. 

Window Cleaning

In the dusty surroundings of Dubai, it is hard to keep the glass windows clean and dust-free. Moreover, you need professional help to bring back the shine. Customers mainly visit the shopping malls that are utterly clean and are more hygienic. We, Atdoorstep, using the proper chemicals, can help to abolish the spots and statins from the windows. 

Exit and Entrance Area Cleaning

The entrance and the exit point of every mall are considered to be the messiest corner. So, we make sure these two main points are clean and immaculate. Our cleaning experts go through proper inspection and then they mark the most touchable zones. Regular cleaning is done and then fogging technology is used to mark the end of contamination.