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How it Works

In order to keep your hair’s long-lasting beauty alive, there are a lot of things to consider. Based on your hair and scalp, our professionals have the right knowledge to put that in use for your service. Also, you’ll have more benefits in the end.

  • Once you avail the Hair Rebonding service with us, a professional best-fit for the service will be assigned to you. After carefully examining your hair, the professional will start with their service. Once they are done, you will see a significant change in the quality of your hair. 

  • Through years of experience in the field, our experts have grown a vast range of knowledge in terms of hair. From oil scalp, dandruff formation, weak hair quality, dry, and roughness of the hair to the right chemical based on the hair type, our experts have the proper knowledge to work it out for the service. 

  • Your partake in the service is minimal. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the service. You can listen to your favourite music track and rest while our experts continue to do their service for you. Once the service is done, your hair will be properly groomed and shiny.

  • Getting professional hair rebonding service is essentially important for the growth of your hair. The use of right chemicals & treatment does wonders to the hair and our professionals ensure that. After the service, your scalp will feel rejuvenated.

Types of Hair Rebonding Services Offered by Atdoorstep

Managing your hair every day can be a tough job. But, our expert can do it easily. Let our professionals take care of your hair so you can relax freely and get the nutrition that your hair needs. 

Keratin Hair Treatment

Often, hair can become very frizzy and that can ruin the look of your hair. We offer keratin treatment for your hair where our experts use a Keratin product that is based on the types of your hair. No matter how frizzy your hair is, our experts use the right amount of Dubai-approved products for our hair as a hair smoothening treatment. 

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Hot Oil treatment has been popular since ancient times in strengthening the hair strands to produce instant shine. Our experts use proper hair oil and gently apply it everywhere. From the root of your hair till the cuticles, our experts evenly distribute throughout the secretions of your hair. Once the said time (15 to 20 minutes) is over, they thoroughly rinse out your hair and apply shampoo so that you get immediate results. 

Hair Detox Treatment

If your hair has gone through many kinds of treatments in the past like hair colouring or styling, then we offer Hair Detox treatment. Here, our experts take their time to perform a deep cleansing of your hair shafts. They also take the necessary steps to promote hair growth and improve the quality of the scalp. By the end of the service, you’ll see that your hair is no longer frizzy or brittle, and is strong. 

Scalp Treatment

The scalp is the root where the hair grows from. Another important way to maintain hair by keeping a healthy scalp. Our experts provide scalp treatments in such a way so that the oil produced in the scalp is balanced for the proper growth of hair. They also make sure that there is no remaining flaky patch on the scalp after the treatment is over. In the end, all dandruff is gone.


Hair is one the most delicate as well as one the most gorgeous part of any individual. But, it is equally stressful to take care of it. Many things like dust in the wind, iron in water, and dandruff formation in the scalp can weaken the immunity of it. 

But, Atdoorstep can rebuild that. We provide hair rebonding services where our experts give proper care and treatment to your hair. From strengthening roots, reducing hair loss and breakage, dandruff-free treatment to scalp exfoliating, our experts cover all the core keys concerning your hair. 

Our experts grow from each and every experience which is why our services are client-focused. On what the client requires, the type of hair and previous treatments, our expert’s measure & provide services accordingly. 

And most of all, your need is our prime concern. Because of this, our brand is one of the most recommended brands in Dubai. 

We are identified as one of the largest and top-rated companies in Dubai to provide hair rebonding services. According to your specific requirement, we connect you to nearby professionals who are the best fit for the service you need. 

Concerning that, we keep your safety as our biggest priority so we verify our experts before they can register themselves with us. Also, they understand the essence of communication so you can rely on them since they’re friendly. As of now, there are more than thousands of experts who are registered with us. All of them have one thing in common, and they thrive to deliver your effective results. 

After verification, they also go through intense training modules to achieve excellence in their service. So, if you are looking for hair rebonding services, then Atdoorstep can be a good place to start with.

Get Professional Hair Rebonding Service Right Now!

Before anything, our prime concern is your well being and your requirements. This is why our services are uniquely carved out for each and every individual. This is also a reason why so many people keep demanding our services in the near future. So, are you in search of accuracy and quality? Atdoorstep is where you will find that!

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