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Be it an apartment or a commercial sector, keeping the bathroom clean is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects that one needs to cover. Furthermore, the bathroom contains various appliances like geysers, blow dryers, etc, that should be checked and cleaned periodically. This is where our professional bathroom cleaning services take responsibility.

  • All the professionals are highly-trained, knowledgeable and experienced. They have been serving in the cleaning and housekeeping sector for more than a decade. Owing to the vast experience they know the exact process that will enhance the quality of the bathroom.

  • You don’t have to buy cleaning liquids and other supplies. The professionals will visit your place along with sufficient and effective cleaning supplies. Moreover, they carry all advanced tools and equipment that are required to clean the bathroom and toilets effectively.

  • Starting from sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor, we proceed to deep cleaning the bath, sink, shower and toilet. Then we use disinfect to get rid of the microbes and bacteria. Finally, the entire area is sanitized to kill and prevent further growth of germs.

  • The accessories present inside the bathroom such as shower drape and restroom rugs are cleaned with extra care. The appliances also cleaned and sanitized. Further, different flooring requires different kinds of cleaning products. Thus, our proficient team ensures that all the tools and chemicals are certified and eco friendly.

Bathroom Cleaning Services Offered by Atdoorstep

In Dubai, you need professional cleaning staff or housekeepers to clean your toilet and bathrooms. We are a dedicated team of proficient professionals who are equipped with all necessary cleaning supplies. Be it your apartment, villa or office, we excel in bathroom cleaning service. 

Cleaning Services

Our professionals will start the process by cleaning the major components of your bathroom and toilets. They will clean the bathtub, toilet, showers, sinks by dusting and washing with proper cleaning liquid. The cleaning supplies are certified and maintain quality and don’t leave a stain on your bathroom fittings. A clean bathroom can decrease the chances of falling ill. 

Sweeping and Mopping

The professionals won’t leave your bathroom walls and floors unattended. They also focus on the floors and walls of the bathroom. They will sweep and mop the walls and floors. The experts are proficient in removing water stains and other stains from the walls, glasses, floors, and mirrors. Eco-friendly chemicals are used to guarantee the best results.


This is one of our priorities in the bathroom cleaning service. To prevent the outbreak of deadly germs and virus disinfection is highly important. Our professionals take the best measures to sanitize your bathroom. Rest assured that the hygiene of your bathroom is in safe hands.


Bathroom cleaning is equally important for your home and commercial buildings. The tiles on the bathroom floor can easily get water stains, moulds can grow with time and can host harmful microbes. Thus, bathroom cleaning needs extra care and expertise. You should rely on professionals like us for cleaning the bathrooms to maintain a hygienic environment at your home.

Dirt can invite germs and bacteria that can make anybody ill, anytime. The bathrooms of your commercial buildings like the office, hotels, resorts, hospitals, shopping malls, needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Don’t let the bathrooms hamper your reputation. Thus, to acquire happy and satisfied clients, choose our premium services. 

Thousands of people willingly join with our vast array of services for their daily requirement every month. We thrive to provide quality and maintain standards in every aspect of home-service. We are one of the biggest service provider marketplaces in Dubai. 

Additionally, we are expanding our list of services so that people can easily gain reliable service at their doorstep. We always prioritize cleaning services, so that you can stay healthy by rendering a clean environment around you.

Our professionals not only clean the bathroom surfaces but also disinfect them to maintain an excellent cleaning standard. The professional cleaning staff will reach your place with all the necessary equipment for bathroom cleaning service. We are committed to providing a hygienic environment.

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We are committed to serving you with the best quality professional service. Your health and comfort are our prime concern. Don’t compromise your hygiene and seek our guidance. We claim to provide you with only professional cleaning staff at your convenience.

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